Convert BibTeX to HTML or PDF
Convert BibTeX to HTML or PDF
Convert BibTeX to HTML or PDF
Upload a BibTeX-file and generate a nicely formatted list of your references in HTML or PDF format.

This free service allows you to convert a BibTex (*.bib) file to a nicely formatted list. It might come in handy, if you don't have a LaTeX environment or can't be bothered to compile the file on your own right now. Just upload your BibTeX file above and click the respective button to receive a rendered list in HTML or PDF format.

Hint: Use HTML, if you plan to copy&paste to Word or similar.

If, for some reason, you still need my old bibtex2pdf service, you can still find it here.



This web service has been created by Andreas Fischer.

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If you have come here in error and have no idea what this site is about, you can check Wikipedia for further information on LaTeX and BibTeX.